Steve Whitworth is a dui defense lawyer who handles all cases dealing with all facets of DUI’s and license issues in all Sacramento Areas. He defends all cases as if they are the most serious significant event in our client’s lives – because they are. Being arrested of a DUI crime can be the one of the most negative experience a person goes through in their life.
For years, we have been effectively representing adults and juveniles in DUI cases. We routinely handle the cases of those who have been charged with DUI’s
We are familiar with all facets of criminal defense and can help you through this time in your life in many ways. If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, we can help.

Timing is very important with these types of cases. If you have been arrested or accused call us at (916) 668-5970/(800) 644-6810 for a 100% free case evaluation.